olly Service carries out precise civil and industrial whitening services, with the use of breathable or washable, anti-mold and antibacterial water-based paints. We mainly deal with interior and exterior decorations and paintings. Our experience allows us to offer the highest quality and professionalism in any work required.

Acting as the only interlocutor for every type of maintenance, Jolly Service manages and takes care of all the services necessary to meet your needs. The choice of the type of processing can count on the artistic competence of skilled labor and in compliance with all the regulations in force regarding contributions and safety in the workplace.
The company produces paints and varnishes in the techniques of sponged, buffered, glazing, spatula, marmorino and Venetian plaster with customizable colors that enrich and embellish an interior, designing decorative solutions for homes, condominiums, industrial plants, professional offices, commercial activities, beauty farms, swimming pools and sports centers, with particular regard to the environment, thanks to the use of certified non-toxic and odorless materials.